Our Story

As pioneers in the field, BluePrint® is committed to helping people lead healthier, more energy-filled lives and this commitment is what drives us every day. Using pure organic ingredients and delicious blends, we are constantly innovating with one mission in mind: Give you the energy to make the most out of every moment.

How did the BluePrint® story start? Ironically, it all began with a cold. In early 2000, Zoe Sakoutis, a certified nutritional consultant, awoke to the new millennium with a bad cold. She asked a friend who happened to be a raw foodist for advice. Her friend suggested a seven-day juice cleanse that Zoe followed diligently. The experience got her hooked and sparked her desire to share the benefits of juicing with the world. There was one problem: although the cleanse worked miraculously, the process of raw juice extraction was excruciating. If the juicing trend was going to catch on, there had to be an easier way to do it. Juicing had to be simple, nutritious, and customizable to everyone’s needs and goals.

So Zoe teamed up with a friend and food-lover, Erica Huss, and started BluePrint® . Together they combined their strengths and vision for the brand to develop a line of juices made from the finest organic ingredients available.

Today, BluePrint® is more than just green juice. With kombucha, ready-to-drink teas, and drinking vinegars, BluePrint® proudly offers a broad portfolio of beverages formulated with nutritional density in mind.  Healthy lifestyle goals can co-exist with busy, on-the-go schedules without sacrificing the essential nutrients that your body needs. At BluePrint® , convenient, natural nutrition is not only what we represent – it’s who we are at the core. You’ve got things to do and people to see? Let us be your on-the-go charging station.

Your BluePrint® for a healthier life.