BluePrint Beverages

Are BluePrint™ beverages organic?

Yes. Our complete line of beverages is certified organic.

Can I drink BluePrint™ products if I am lactose intolerant or have a gluten allergy?

Yes! There is no lactose or gluten in BluePrint™ beverages. BluePrint™ beverages have NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are 100% vegan.


Can you tell me about the juice-making process?

We use High Pressure Pascalization - high pressure instead of heat - to destroy the pathogenic microorganisms and to naturally extend its shelf life. Unlike pasteurization, pascalization is completed on the finished product in its package without the use of heat which helps retain the sensory and nutrition properties of the juice. We do not apply heat to our cold-pressed juice and juice beverages. We don't cook juice!®

How should I store my juice?

Take your juice out of the box and keep it in the refrigerator. Remember to toss the ice packs in the freezer so they’re ready should you need to tote your juice around.

How long can my juices last?

You should consume your juice within six days of receiving it for the best quality. Remember to keep refrigerated and refer to the 'best by' date on each bottle.

Why does this juice look different from when I last purchased it?

Our juices are handcrafted using organic fruits and vegetables and some variations may occur as with any agricultural crop based on seasonality, crop conditions and geography, such as: Settling or Separation: BluePrintJuice® has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, or other ingredients that can prevent the natural settling process. Be sure to give your juice a good shake before drinking! White Specks: Juices that contain ginger may have white specks in the bottom of the juice bottle because of its density. Not to worry! It’s ginger sediment, which naturally settles to the bottom of the bottle. Clumps in the Cashew Nut Non-Diary Milk: We assure you that this is completely normal, and the juice is still high quality and safe to consume. Shake well before drinking!


Will a Cleanse slow my metabolism?

Metabolism is the body's ability to convert food to fuel and how efficiently your body uses that fuel. A person's metabolism is complex and related to many factors including diet, exercise, and heredity. The Cleanse program replaces solid foods with liquids in the daily diet and may require the body to adjust its metabolism. Keep in mind that everybody is different.

Will a one-day Cleanse do anything?

Yes! There are benefits of doing a one-day Cleanse, once a week. It has been an Eastern practice for centuries, used as a quick strategy to support the immune system, keep you focused, and allow the body to detoxify.

What are detox symptoms? Will I get them?

During a Cleanse, the body is essentially detoxifying. For example: When the body eliminates coffee, symptoms usually include headaches, nervousness, and shakiness. When protein, meats, and fats are eliminated, you may experience skin eruptions, body odor, or a coated tongue. Lucky for you, we keep symptoms to a minimum; BluePrintCleanse® is designed with gradual elimination in mind.

Is it okay to exercise while cleansing?

Absolutely! You will be amazed to see that as your digestive tract rests, your energy level may get a boost. Go ahead and grab that yoga mat, but be sure to drink plenty of water.

How often should I Cleanse?

Whenever you experience any of the following: fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and, before and after holidays or other events that lead to overindulging. We recommend doing a Cleanse once a month for at least three days. Make it a healthy habit.

My BluePrintCleanse® arrived and the ice packs have melted. Is that bad?

No! They're only meant to stay frozen during transit. Remember to transfer your juice and juice beverages to the refrigerator as soon as possible for best quality.

Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?

It does! We encourage drinking juices in the proper order to assimilate to the Cleanse system. That said, don't worry if you switch it up a bit and have half of your Cashew Non-Dairy Milk first thing in the morning. Green juice is always best first, so try to stick to the plan when you can. But don’t fret if you need to improvise.

I haven’t gone to the bathroom at all, and it's day two. Is that normal? Safe?

This is an expected side effect of the BluePrintCleanse® and one of the reasons to schedule a colonic. Reduced input means reduced output.

My teeth need to gnaw on something... either gum or my colleague’s arm. Can I chew gum?

Chewing gum contributes to gas and confuses the digestive process. What does this mean? Your stomach is getting ready for food that isn’t coming. However, if you’re tempted to chew off your colleague’s arm, please chew the gum, and make it sugarless.

What do I eat when I’m done with my Cleanse?

The key is easing in and out of the Cleanse. Slowly introduce lighter fare, such as veggies, lean meats, poultry and fish, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Both pre and post Cleanse, stay away from highly processed foods, and you'll be a happy camper.

Where to buy

Where else can I purchase your beverages?

Our beverages are available in many retail locations all over the country.  Please go to the store locator to find a location near you. Drink up. And drink often.

Customer Service

What if I have more questions?

If you don't find your answer here, email info@contact.blueprint.com  We'll have an answer for you faster than you can say "What's a healing crisis?" You can also call us at 1.866.774.6831.