Why Cleanse? Push reset with BluePrint® for a vibrant life. Cleansing is our jam. Here at BluePrint® we are the original experts on cold-pressed organic juice offering delicious, convenient kits that allow your digestive system to rest so you can get back on track. Cleanse for wellness, for that big day, for an upcoming vacation, for convenience, for clean energy and a boost of nutrients from a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.
We still have the classic kits you love (Renovation is now The BluePrint® OG and Foundation is your new Balancing Act) and we've also brought some new ways to clean up your act (say hello to Drink Pretty & B. Promiscuous). So whether you’re about that 80/20 life (Balancing Act) or are in need of a serious reset button (Keep it 100)- we’re here to help as your authentic on-the-go charging station. Hop on that wellness train- you’ve got this!

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